“My people shall live in peaceful dwellings, in undisturbed places of rest.”
--Isaiah 32:18

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The mission of The Dwelling Place is to protect families and heal lives affected by domestic abuse by providing safe housing, Christ-centered programs, training in life skills and community education.
Filmed at our new location during renovation and presented at our 2013 Gala.

Marie's Story  
A compelling true story of one our women's 
struggle to find safety and new life.
(Her name has been change to protect her identity.)   
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The Dwelling Place is a transitional shelter providing safe housing and structured programming for battered women and their children.  Residents may stay 12-18 months to receive healing, and acquire the necessary skills to achieve independent housing, a sustaining income, and violence free lives. We are a Christian ministry supported primarily by individuals and churches, and we endeavor to help all grow spiritually as they heal from the trauma of domestic abuse.

Book talks to kids about domestic abuse

Jody Cowdin,  Executive Director of The Dwelling Place, has authored A Kid's Guide to Understanding Domestic Abuse, a book for children and teens who have experienced domestic abuse (recommended for kids 8-and-up and adults who love them). Learn more here.  

Please share the news about this ground-breaking book!